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Contents*:Today everyone IN internet world must be aware of YouTube, yes a very renounced one. According to an official site we come to know that it gets more than 40,665,667 visitors per hour.

People use YouTube to share their videos with friends, family etc. I personally use YouTube to watch latest music, movies trailer, games release, events and lots more. Its also used for promotional and marketing purpose.

One can easily upload and download videos on YouTube. You too can download videos on YouTube and make your own different collection of videos. I use YouTube Downloader to download all my YouTube videos from my laptop, desktop and mobile. It's an great software, simple and free to use. It's two main features are to convert videos into major formats and to download YouTube flv videos.
To download videos using YouTube Downloader, copy the url of the video from the site and what next, software will paste it automatically for you. After that you just have to click OK and that's it.

Here is my favourite video downloaded from YouTube.

Now you will ask why should I use Youtube Downloader?

Here are the examples why should you use YouTube Downloader;

This software is free from any sypwares, viruses or any other threats.
You can't wait for video to buffer, if your internet is slow.
You can use this software on mobile ie: iPhones, iPod, MP4 MP3 players.
You don't lose your favourite videos if they are removed from YouTube.
And last not the least, it's FREE.

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